AMD 3rd Gen Ryzen CPU Family With New AMD Threadripper CPUs Unveiled

AMD 3rd Gen Ryzen CPU Family With New AMD Threadripper CPUs Unveiled”

The TR 3960X comes with 24-cores, 48 threads, 140MB cache and a 3.8GHz/4.5GHz base/boost clock speed.

When it comes to power efficiency, the AMD's offering (3950X) offers up to 2.34x more performance per watt compared to the Intel Core i9-9920X. The product listings that were originally posted on Wootware's retail site before they were yanked. Though it's hard to find a 1:1 comparison for AMD's Threadripper processors (Intel doesn't offer anything that matches the same insane core/thread count of these CPUs), that didn't stop AMD from showing off how much faster both than 3960X and 3970X are than Intel's closest counterpart, the 18-core, 36-thread Core i9-9980XE. This has a base clock speed improvement of 3.7 GHz but has the same turbo clock speed of 4.5GHz. The processor supports a total of 72 MB cache and a TDP of 105W, which is consistent with the other Ryzen 9 processors.

Again, there's no way that we can verify these figures, but we won't have long to wait if the November 7announcement day is accurate. Instead, third generation Threadripper will require motherboards bearing the new TRX40 chipset and socket sTRX4.

The Ryzen 9 3950X also ships with an eco-mode that brings down the TDP 65W.

Sadly, AMD's Eco feature won't be available on their 3rd Gen Ryzen Threadripper CPUs, but then again these beastly 7nm processors were never intended for being energy efficient. It's definitely not gaming performance, which AMD says is comparable to the $500-odd Intel Core i9-9900K, and you're not going to get substantially better single core performance from it either.

Comparing AMD's Ryzen 9 3950X to Intel's Core i9-9990K, Woligroski said the 3950X is mostly on par or slightly better when it comes to PC games while providing better performance than Intel's high-end desktop part, the Core i9-9920X. According to AMD, that's because it's been specifically optimised for 280mm or more liquid coolers this time as opposed to traditional tower-style fans.

Latest leaked userbenchmark tool results indicated that upcoming Ryzen 9 3950X completely dominates Intel's current flagship HEDT Core i9-9980XE processor.

Both of the above models will be available on November 25th. We have already known what the processor would feature, but its finally here for good.

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