After Getting Chinese Backlash, DC Comics Removes Batman Poster

After Getting Chinese Backlash, DC Comics Removes Batman Poster”

Still, some Chinese fans said that was not sufficient, since the publisher had allowed the Batman posters to stay up long enough for netizens to download them and had not offered any apologies. While there were high expectations from the fans for the release, the cover of the book made DC comics one of the big companies that had to remove the post due to backlashes from China recently.

Variety reports that DC Comics "yanked a poster for a new Batman title" by Frank Miller that showed Batman "throwing a Molotov cocktail against a backdrop of hot-pink words spelling out the new comic book's tagline, 'the future is young.'" The DC Black Label comic, "Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child", is slated to hit shelves December 11th and is hotly anticipated.

Just because Batman holds a Molotov cocktail in his hand does not mean it's related to the Hong Kong protest.

The comic is all about Carrie Kelley, the real name of Batwoman, teaming up with Lara Kent, the daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman so they can fight "a terrifying evil" residing in Gotham City.

The image has since been deleted from DC's social media pages, which has sparked controversy all over again, though this time the complaints are emanating from the USA and among supporters of the pro-democracy movement.

DC Comics pulled the cover and then, of course, came under fire for capitulating to Chinese censors, who have been looking to scrub any far-fetched mention of the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong from the internet.

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Another Weibo user wrote: "I don't know what exactly [DC Comics] is trying to say, but it's certainly a bit sensitive". "Be careful not to burn yourself", one Weibo user wrote.

Warner Bros' 2018 movie, "Aquaman", reaped more than $232 million in Chinese box office sales a year ago, some $44 million more than what it gained in USA box offices.

The comments also suggested that, since Batman is wearing black (as do the Hong Kong protestors), that that too was evidence of DC Comics alluding to support for Hong Kong.

On Twitter, @meigi_elf wrote, "Really disappointed on @DCComics".

"So now Batman loves money more than justice?" asked one commenter. The future is young?

China has proven itself to be an increasingly valuable market to Hollywood production studios, including DC Comics' parent company Warner Bros.

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