Jake Owen Shares Diss Song Inspired by Bachelorette Hannah Brown

Jake Owen Shares Diss Song Inspired by Bachelorette Hannah Brown”

Kelsey and Hannah Ann each took their conflict to Peter. Hannah Ann is one of Peter's remaining 22 bachelorettes on The Bachelor's 24th season, which is now airing on Monday nights at 8PM ET/PT on ABC.

Like most men who watch "The Bachelor", country music artist Jake Owen claimed his girlfriend had the reality show turned on Monday night when he happened to see former bachelorette Hannah Brown weasel her way into yet another season. "It's hilarious", said the girl who totally doesn't think it's hilarious but is trying to play it cool.

She didn't go after Owen seriously, but she did zing the Facebook boomers.

The singer noted that he met Brown during her season of "The Bachelorette" and actually likes her.

Jake wasn't calling out Brown, though, just commenting on the nature of love and rejection. "This is just everyday life", Owen said.

By the end of that night, Kelsey had stopped crying and shared some awkward champagne with Peter, and both she and Hannah Ann received roses from Peter to stick around for at least one more round of competition.

"I been out here in California, I've been soaking up the sun / There's lots of pretty ladies, and I can't pick just one", he sings.

- Hannah Ann's parents are not only her role models, they are also her landlords, as she still lives at home.

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When it gets to the chorus, however, Owen really goes all in with his directly references to Brown herself, singing, "You're a beauty queen and a dancing star and I think you'll do just fine".

Now you're showing up here tonight, who do you think you are? She quickly caught Peter Weber's attention and was the first woman who he voluntarily kissed on the show.

- Hannah Ann describes her last relationship as all chemistry but little friendship.

After Peter revealed he was still willing to make things work with her following her finale and her failed engagement to Jed Wyatt, Hannah said she didn't reach out to him thinking he wanted to be the next "The Bachelor".

Rather than be offended, Brown was tickled by the track, tweeting back at Owen.

Owen assured his fans he loves Hannah, "so it's not a diss on her", but the lyrics land this song solidly in the diss track genre.

As for those looking for Peter to find love elsewhere, he added that after episode 2 viewers won't see Hannah again this season and that she's "not a topic on anyone's mind". The Bachelor airs Mondays on ABC.

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