PlayStation 2019 Wrap-Up reveals your favorite genre and your gaming prime time

The page will then automatically generate a cool breakdown of your PS4 activity for past year, including statistics such as total number of hours played, which games you played the most, how many trophies you earned, and much more.

Some users are reporting that their PlayStation 2019 Wrap Up isn't accurate or contains some anomalies.

Should you be curious to know exactly what you got up to while tethered to your PlayStation past year, Sony is now breaking down players' 2019s in gaming via a nifty little online tool.

You can check out the PlayStation 2019 Wrap-Up for U.S. accounts here, or for United Kingdom accounts here. The Wrap-Up website has gone a bit pear-shaped for me though, so, alas, whatever I ended up playing most vigorously on PS4 previous year will remain an eternal mystery.

While the information itself is cool to look at, Sony threw in extra bonuses to seal the deal. And if the promise of a couple of minutes amusement isn't enough incentive to get involved, there are a few free themes and avatars up for grabs too. The website portals are now live in the United States and EU. There, you should find a button that allows you to redeem your rewards-the aforementioned Dynamic Theme and Avatar. The exact avatar you are given as your gaming title for 2019 will depend on what types of games you played overall.

Speaking of trophies, there's another section that gives you a quick insight into how many pieces of virtual silverware you picked up over the past twelve months.

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