Ben Fordham pays tribute to Scott Morrison's father, John

Ben Fordham pays tribute to Scott Morrison's father, John”

But his followers have grown to include a wide swath of the country, including rural firefighters who share their posts on Facebook, and their efforts have been frequently aligned with Prime Minister Scott Morrison's attempts to keep people from seeing fires as a turning point for the nation. focus on climate issues.

"I don't know why Scott Morrison acted the way he did".

Prime Minister Scott Morrison had several round table discussions in Canberra to restore forest fires. "I can see why you are so grateful".

"I can not explain why he did not meet the former fire chiefs who wanted to see him in March a year ago to talk about the seriousness of the threat".

"Everyone knew we were in a very dry period and therefore the fire season was likely to be very bad", said Turnbull.

"Then of course [he] chose to go away on holiday in Hawaii at the peak of the crisis".

"It just doesn't match the way a prime minister would or should act".

Turnbull made extraordinary criticism of Morrison in a BBC interview on Wednesday, in which he also accused News Corp and right-wing think tanks in Australia of promoting denial of climate change.

He was also criticised for refusing to link the bushfire crisis to climate change, with both Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg and British naturalist David Attenborough taking swipes at the government over its lack of action.

"How many more coral reefs have to be bleached?"

"Despite windows of opportunity to safety conduct hazard reduction burns becoming smaller and smaller, Queensland has reduced hazards across more than 4 million hectares since 2015 with more than a million hectares in the past year alone". He asked. "How many more lives and more homes must be lost before climate change deniers admit they are wrong?"

"If a country like Australia is not ready to deal seriously with these problems - it is at the forefront of the ramifications and a progressive, prosperous, technologically sophisticated country with the appropriate resources - why should other countries take this problem seriously? seriously how should they?"

Turnbull and another prime minister, Tony Abbott, previously also sided with moderate challengers to ensure that Kelly returned to Parliament, a sign of his usefulness to leaders in the concentration of his conservative base.

Mr Trump has begun the process of removing the United States from the Paris agreement, a global pact to try and reduce emissions in order to curb climate change.

"Being a climate change denier is a badge of honor on the political right here and in the United States, and it's insane".

The comments come as climate change leads the agenda at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where President Trump and Ms Thunberg presented opposing world views in two keynote speeches on Tuesday.

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