Japan to Get Nationals Out of Coronavirus Epicenter Wuhan ‘By Every Means’

Japan to Get Nationals Out of Coronavirus Epicenter Wuhan ‘By Every Means’”

The government has said most of the fatalities involved people already weakened by pre-existing health conditions.

But a growing number of other countries are reporting cases, mainly of people returning from China - especially from Wuhan.

"We have asked the National Incident Room to pull the records for those people that were on the flight and we are getting the seat details", NSW chief medical officer Kerry Chant said.

"We are incredibly well prepared to isolate and deal with that".

On Sunday, China confirmed 1,975 cases of patients infected with the new coronavirus as of Jan 25, while the death toll from the virus has risen to 56, state broadcaster CCTV reported.

The WHO says later on January 23the outbreak does not yet constitute a public emergency of worldwide concern and there is "no evidence" at the moment of the virus spreading between humans outside of China.

Removing Australian citizens from cities that are under an effective lockdown, enforced by the military, is a logistical challenge.

France's government and the French carmaker PSA - which has a sizable presence in Wuhan - also said they were formulating plans to evacuate staff and relatives, who would be taken to a city in a neighbouring province to face a quarantine period. People brought out of sequestered areas would likely need to be quarantined somewhere else.

"This capacity is extremely limited and if there is insufficient ability to transport everyone who expresses interest, priority will be given to individuals at greater risk from coronavirus", it added.

China has expanded travel restrictions to contain a viral contagion that has killed 56 people and infected almost 2,000, as the United States and France prepare to evacuate their citizens from a quarantined city at the outbreak's epicentre.

A man in his 30s arrived in Sydney from China on January 6 but did not develop symptoms until January 15, when he saw his doctor.

First detected last month, the virus is believed to have originated in a type of wild animal sold at a Wuhan market to be consumed as food.

Only the 53-year-old man is thought to have been contagious while travelling to Australia.

Airports around the world have stepped up screening of passengers from China, although some health officials and experts have questioned the effectiveness of such screenings.

In the epicentre city of Wuhan, Hubei's capital, new restrictions went into effect Sunday banning most cars from the streets of the metropolis of 11 million.

Symptoms of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) are "mild to severe respiratory illness" with fever, cough and shortness of breath, according to the CDC.

Australians are being told not to travel to Wuhan or Hubei province.

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