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Hong Kong suspends four more border crossings to curb spread of virus

Hong Kong suspends four more border crossings to curb spread of virus”

Despite the precautionary moves by the authorities, the anger has mounted on people who reportedly maintain a historical mistrust with China after the 2003-SARS outbreak which the mainland government tried to cover up and the virus killed at least 300 Hong Kongers.

The medical workers, members of the newly formed union, held a press conference shortly after Lam spoke and said they planned to keep up their strike action.

Guwahati: In Hong Kong hundreds of hospital workers have gone on strike, demanding the border with landmass China be completely closed to decrease the risk of the rapidly spreading coronavirus. The tech giant also imposed restrictions on business trips to China and Hong Kong, he told The Verge early Wednesday and then confirmed to CNET.

Striking workers at the Hospital Authority building booed as they watched Lam speak, calling her a liar and chanting: "Close all borders".

Ferry services between Macau and Hong Kong have been suspended indefinitely in yet another dramatic measure aimed at limiting the spread of the Coronavirus.

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"Medical worker Tracy Pui, who queued up with colleagues to sign a petition in support of the HAEA said: "(We) hope that these strikes will make the government respond to our five demands, most importantly to stop the spread of the coronavirus in Hong Kong.

The alliance voted in favor of a strike 3,123-to-10 on February 1 during a general meeting, according to Hong Kong media. According to the city authorities, ceasing borders would not only mean going against the orders of the World Health Organisation but it would also be discriminatory as well as economically damaging.

The scare over the virus comes after months of anti-government protests in Hong Kong, triggered by what many residents see as unnecessary interference by Beijing in city affairs.

About 90 percent of the city's food is imported, with the bulk coming from the mainland, according to official data.

"It'll get worse if it is fully closed".

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