NASA Astronaut Christina Koch Returns Safely From History-Making 328-Day Mission

NASA Astronaut Christina Koch Returns Safely From History-Making 328-Day Mission”

Parmitano was commander of Expedition 61.

Koch's return comes after an advert produced by the skincare brand Olay ran during an intermission in the American football Super Bowl with a call to "make space for women".

She put up a message on social media, thanking everyone for their support in her mission.

Her enormous grin as she was helped from the pod showed just how sweet the central Asian breeze could feel after 11 months in an airtight capsule.

During her time on the International Space Station, Koch traveled over 223 million kilometers.

Her mission saw her orbiting the planet 5,248 times and racking up a mileage that could have taken her to the Moon and back 291 times.

Born on 29th January 1979 and a native of Michigan, Koch was selected as an astronaut by NASA in 2013 and completed astronaut training a couple of years later in 2015.

A couple of hours prior to landing, she told gave an interview to NBC from the International Space Station. Here is a lovely picture of her first Moonrise from space as she tweets from @Space_Station. One reason this has not happened before is that the space station had only one spacesuit that was the right size for a woman.

In total, Koch made six spacewalks during her time on the station, taking her from an unflown astronaut to the third-most experienced female spacewalker of all time (after Peggy Whitson, with 10 career spacewalks, and Sunita Williams, with seven). Scott Kelly holds the record for the longest time in space for any US astronaut, 340 days.

Koch was shown seated and smiling broadly after being extracted from the Soyuz descent module in the Roscosmos space agency's video footage from the landing site.

Parmitano pumped his fists in the air after being lifted into his chair while Skvortsov was shown eating an apple.

She touched down on the Kazakh steppe after 328 days in space, along with Luca Parmitano of the European Space Agency and Alexander Skvortsov of the Russian space agency, CNN reported.

NASA said Koch's lengthy mission will provide researchers with much-needed data on how weightlessness and space radiation affect the female body on long spaceflights.

She was originally supposed to return on 3 October 2019, but crew-assignment changes related to delays with NASA's Commercial Crew Program meant that her stay was extended to February 2020. As NASA plans its next missions to the Moon and Mars, these investigations, with Koch's assistance, have proven to be invaluable.

Koch grew up in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

The coach left Earth on March 14 final yr.

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