Two Russian Satellites Chasing American Satellite

Two Russian Satellites Chasing American Satellite”

According to Thompson, "This is all circumstantial evidence, but there are a hell of a lot of circumstances that make it look like a known Russian inspection satellite is now inspecting a known USA spy satellite". reported that SpaceForce would receive $15.4 billion from that funding and begin with 6,400 members that will be transferring from the Air Force.

Gen. John Raymond confirmed the reports, saying that the "unusual and disturbing behavior" could create a potentially risky situation in space.

Gen. John "Jay Raymond told Time magazine that the Russian satellite was launched in November and called its movements "unusual and disturbing".

The move is "unusual and disturbing" and the U.S. has inquired about it with Moscow, Raymond said. "Creating a separate branch of the armed forces for space also risks militarizing US space policy and promoting ill-advised and risky projects that could involve deploying weapons in space", Hartung added. "These activities don't reflect the behavior of responsible space faring nations".

Raymond told TIME that the behavior of the pair of satellites is similar to those Russian Federation labeled "inspector satellites", in 2017. An amateur satellite tracker used public data to theorize that the Russian satellites are "cleverly designed" to monitor the USA satellite during otherwise challenging visual moments in orbit: like sunrises.

Russian Federation launched a satellite named Kosmos 2542 in November 2019.

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Kosmos is a small "inspection satellite", capable of using thrusters to maneuver close to other spacecraft for observation.

However, by January, the two satellites appeared to be shadowing the US satellite-USA 245, also known to space experts as a KH-11. It was launched on November 26 and later released another satellite, the Kosmos 2543.

CNBC also noted that the Russian spacecraft were as close as 300 kilometers from United States of America 245, in clear view of the US satellite. However, two weeks following launching, the Russian satellite divide into two unique objects.

'This is all circumstantial evidence, but there are a hell of a lot of circumstances that make it look like a known Russian inspection satellite is now inspecting a known United States spy satellite, ' Thompson tweeted on January 30.

This is the first time that the USA military has publicly revealed a direct threat from another country to a US satellite.

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