United States claims Huawei has backdoor to all mobile networks

United States claims Huawei has backdoor to all mobile networks”

"No Huawei employee is allowed to access the network without an explicit approval from the network operator", a Huawei official said. They allege that no one, no matter where they live, is out of Huawei's reach.

"U.S. allegations of Huawei using lawful interception are nothing but a smokescreen - they don't adhere to any form of accepted logic in the cybersecurity domain". The Wall Street Journal is plainly conscious that the United States federal government can't offer any proof to support their accusations, and yet it still picked to repeat the lies being spread out by these United States authorities.

U.S. officials allege that the Chinese company has the ability to access private information on mobile networks that use its equipment. While it is not surprising to find out that backdoor access to mobile networks all over the world is possible and it all has been implemented for use by law enforcement agencies, it all changes when a tech company is involved.

This statement is extremely significant in understanding what Huawei equipment can and cannot do. In this function, accessing consumer networks without their permission and presence would be hard.

"We have evidence that Huawei has the capability secretly to access sensitive and personal information in systems it maintains and sells around the world", national security adviser Robert O'Brien said. The sources of The Wall Street Journal did not provide details of where Huawei would be able to exploit the alleged vulnerability. But they also have to build it in such a way that without the consent of the network operator, the manufacturer can't get access. "This is where Huawei's obligations with regards to lawful interception end".

The Journal's report made these concerns more evident since Huawei's "back door" capabilities had been kept secret for more than a decade, according to the newspaper's findings. Nevertheless, it still chooses to repeat the lies spread by these US officials.

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The Chinese telecoms giant hit back at United States officials publishing an alleged "bombshell" report accusing them of using secret technology to spy on its customers.

The United States/Huawei disagreement assists show the value of file encryption.

The contentious relationship between the United States government and Huawei, the second largest smartphone maker in the world behind Apple, is not easing up.

Apple has so far resisted, saying that such a backdoor would compromise the security of all iPhone users.

The news comes after years of escalating sanctions against the company - including an executive order in May that prohibited U.S. companies from licensing tech to Huawei - but the justifications for those sanctions have remained vague and clouded by secrecy.

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