Industry bosses hit back at Government's new immigration system

Industry bosses hit back at Government's new immigration system”

Visas will not be issued, in principle, to those who fail to achieve a certain score. There will be a salary threshold for migrants coming here to work - whether from inside or outside the European Union - of £25,600 (more for those in higher paid occupations, less for new entrants).

PRITI PATEL was forced to admit today that her own parents would likely have been denied entry to Britain under the government's proposed immigration rules.

The UK Government seems quite adamant that they will not introduce any low skilled or temporary work routes, and that UK employers will have to adapt.

Patel told BBC that the government wanted to "encourage people with the right talent" to enter the country and to "reduce the levels of people coming to the United Kingdom with low skills".

But concerns about a labor shortage are being raised by some industries, such as those in the nursing and customer service areas, which have been relaying on low-paid workers from the European Union countries.

'We will attract the brightest and the best from around the globe, boosting the economy and our communities, and unleash this country's full potential'.

Professions such as waiters, waitresses and "elementary" agriculture and fishery workers have been classified as "low skilled".

Overall, the government said the aim is to "reduce overall migration numbers" - another demand of Brexit supporters - but did not give a figure on the expected fall.

The Confederation of British Industry warned that care, construction, hospitality and food and drink companies could be most affected by the changes.

All applicants will be required to have a job offer and, in line with the Migration Advisory Committee's (MAC) recommendations, the minimum salary threshold will be set at 25,600 pounds - lower than the previous 30,000 pounds level for Tier 2 work visas.

"The Tories have had 42 months to develop proposals for a new migration system and they've come up with a half-finished and disastrous one-size-fits-no-one policy that poses a very real threat to Scotland and leaves businesses and the public with just 10 months to prepare for it", Mr McDonald said.

"We need to shift the focus of our economy away from reliance on cheap labour from Europe and instead concentrate on investment in technology and automation".

Earlier, EU nations had a benefit of free movement in the UK.

The Home Office's policy statement outlining the new immigration policy states that, 'Initiatives are also being brought forward for scientists, graduates, NHS workers and those in the agricultural sector, which will provide businesses with additional flexibility in the shorter term'.

"We have over eight million people - that is 20 percent of the workforce - aged between 16 and 64 that are economically inactive right now". If the government delivers on its promises to make the new system quicker, more efficient, less bureaucratic and more user-friendly, it could indeed be good news for employers and the wider economy.

'In the absence of supportive immigration policies, the social care sector would need to significantly improve care worker pay and conditions to attract more home-grown staff.

"This new immigration system leaves a big question mark over whether we'll be able to fill the workforce gap created by the end of free movement when we are already struggling to recruit and retain vets".

"Telling employers to adjust, in a grossly underfunded care system, is simply irresponsible".

The government's plans still need to be turned into law, and many questions remain about visa fees, paperwork and other aspects of the system.But Johnson's Conservatives won a substantial majority in Britain's general election in December, so the party has the numbers to pass its plan into law.

With the unemployment rate at 3.8%, he said "it is hard to see how the domestic labour work force can bridge the skills gap".

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