Zoom vulnerabilities could give attackers webcam, microphone access

Zoom vulnerabilities could give attackers webcam, microphone access”

The popular video conferencing company Zoom has been under scrutiny over the past few days for the method used to install the Mac version of its app, which essentially abused a "preflight" compatibility check to install the app without the user needing to explicitly grant installation permission, as highlighted by developer Felix Seele earlier this week.

According to researchers at Bleeping Computer, Zoom allows hackers to steal Microsoft Windows password. He urged users to immediately apply the patches.

Yuan acknowledged that the huge influx of new users, including smaller businesses as well as consumers looking to connect with friends and family, has put stress on the platform and led to the detection of security vulnerabilities. The company is now planning a 90-day review to address these issues and is freezing adding new features.

"We are actively investigating and working to address these issues".

"Today, we uncovered two (local) security issues affecting Zoom's macOS application", said Wardle in a post this week. "Because the API does not validate the binary that will be executed (as root!) ...meaning a local unprivileged attacker or piece of malware may be able to surreptitiously tamper or replace that item in order to escalate their privileges to root (as well)", Wardle writes.

Zoom's programming choices here could allow malicious code to record users' video conferences, and surreptitously access microphones and cameras with people receiving no warning prompts. The zero-days require physical access to a victim's computer, or a post malware infection attack that establishes a preexisting foothold on the system.

Zoom vulnerabilities could give attackers webcam, microphone access

The Intercept would also go on to report that Zoom's meetings aren't protected by end-to-end encryption, despite the company claiming that its product uses the feature several times in marketing.

'However if you value either your (cyber) security or privacy, you may want to think twice about using (the macOS version of) the app'.

"Zoom should not render UNC paths as hyperlinks is the fix, I have notified App as I disclosed it on Twitter", security research Matthew Hickey told analysts.

Vice reports that "by analyzing the network traffic of the Zoom iOS app, Motherboard found that when opened, the app sent information about the user's device such as the model, the city and timezone they are connecting from, which phone carrier they are using, and a unique advertiser identifier created by the user's device". Exposed users' data included IP addresses and device model. Zoom has now stopped that data sharing practice and updated its privacy guidelines (see: Zoom Stops Transferring Data by Default to Facebook).

Zoom faces a variety of privacy and security issues this week, and the company is already responding to some of them fairly quickly.

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