Lee Fierro, ‘Jaws’ Actor, Dies of Coronavirus at 91

Lee Fierro, who appeared in Jaws as Mrs. Kintner, has died from coronavirus complications.

Fierro was a scene-stealer in Steven Spielberg's famous thriller Jaws, in which she played the mother of the great white shark's second victim.

Fierro stepped down from Island Theatre Workshop in 2017 to be closer to her family in OH, and had passed away in an assisted living facility there after testing positive for COVID-19.

Perhaps even more iconic. her confrontation with Roy Scheider, who played Chief Brody, whom she slapped across the face at Alex's wake. I've watched her as a performer, director and business woman and then we became friends. She spent 40 years here on the Vineyard.

During her time at the Island Theatre Workshop, Fierro also appeared in many theater company productions and mentored more than 1,000 children.

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A memorial is planned to take place in Martha's Vineyard at a future date.

She worked as a drama teacher at the Island Theatre Workshop at the time Jaws was made and went on to serve for 25 years as the workshop's artistic director.

Beyond that moment in movie history, Fierro dedicated herself to promoting and preserving the theatre scene at Martha's Vineyard in MA, where much of "Jaws" was filmed.

Fierro is survived by five children, seven grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren.

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