Trump Administration Drafts 'Artemis Accords' Agreement Regarding Mining on the Moon

The settlement could be the latest effort to domesticate allies around NASA's plan to place people and area stations on the moon throughout the subsequent decade and comes because the civilian area company performs a rising function in implementing American overseas coverage. The agreement comes when the Civil Space Agency has a growing role to play in implementing US foreign policy.

Whilst the drafted agreement has not yet been formally shared with allies of the United States, the moon has been seen as an increasingly important strategic asset in recent years.

The moon is seen as a potential asset for major strategic purposes for the U.S. as well as other spacefaring countries. There is also value in long-term scientific research, which could enable future missions to Mars - activities that fall within the scope of global space law, which is widely considered obsolete.

The Artemis Accords, named after the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's new Artemis moon program, suggest "security zones" that might encompass future moon bases to stop injury or interference from rival worldwide locations or corporations working in shut proximity. It will also prescribed rules in the framework of worldwide law, which will allow the companies doing the extraction on the moon, to establish property rights over these resources.

USA officials will formally open negotiations with space partners such as Canada, Japan, the UAE and a host of European countries.

The US has been a member of the 1967 Outer Space Treaty and interprets the "safety zones" as an enforcement of one of its highly discussed clauses.

"This isn't some territorial claim", said one source, who wished to remain anonymous. Instead, the idea is that such zones can facilitate coordination and deconfliction between state and corporate actors present on the Moon while at the same time not technically claiming any lunar territory as sovereign.

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"The idea is if you are going to be coming near someone's operations, and they've declared safety zones around it, then you need to reach out to them in advance, consult and figure out how you can do that safely for everyone". The Trump administration views them as having "like-minded" interests in lunar mining.

As countries increasingly treat space as a new military sector, the US -led agreement also illustrates NASA's growing role as an instrument of American diplomacy and is expected to provoke controversy among Washington's space competitors such as China. However, Ars Technica reports that both NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine and the space agency's chief of human spaceflight, Doug Loverro, said the Gateway was an essential part of NASA's long-term plans to not only to return humans to the Moon but to do so in a sustainable manner.

"The important thing is that countries around the world want to be a part of this".

He added that countries taking part in the Artemis would agree to "norms of behaviour that we expect to see" in space.

The draft is named after NASA's new multi-billion dollar Artemis lunar exploration program, which aims to put astronauts back on the moon by 2024. In this regard, the Deputy head of the Russian space Agency on global cooperation Sergey Savelyev has accused the US President of attempting to expropriate the resources on the moon and other celestial bodies.

Peskov said at the time any attempt to privatize space would be unacceptable, but stressed the proposals required legal expertise.

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