The oldest Upper Paleolithic Homo sapiens in Europe

The oldest Upper Paleolithic Homo sapiens in Europe”

"Cave bear teeth were made into pendants, some of which are strikingly similar to ornaments later made by Neanderthals in western Europe".

Bacho Kiro has always been known to be a rich deposit of Palaeolithic fossils, with a number of excavations taking place in the 20th century, some of which, during the 1970s, yielded fragmentary human remains that were subsequently lost, researchers explain in a new paper.

Efforts thus far them bumped into issues however they have been probably from someday round 40,000 years in the past, give or take a number of thousand years, stated archaeologist Helen Fewlass of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany, a research lead writer.

"One possibility is that the dispersals into Europe [of modern humans of the Initial Upper Palaeolithic] were by pioneering, small bands, who could not sustain their occupations in the face of a (then) larger Neanderthal presence, or the unstable climates of the time", he said. Others aren't convinced. Stringer notes that Neanderthals are thought to have made ornaments with eagle talons much earlier-around 130,000 years ago. This is the earliest upper Paleolithic hominini, discovered to date in Europe.

Scientists found four bone fragments and a tooth that detailed radiocarbon and DNA tests show are from four Homo sapiens, the oldest of which is dated to about 46,000 years ago, according to two studies published Monday in the journals Nature and Nature Ecology & Evolution. The cave is already of some importance, with a history of archaeological finds of Homo sapiens discovered within its walls dating back to the 1970s.

"We all know that once they (humans) arrived, there have been Neanderthals", Hublin stated.

At the time Europe was populated by Neanderthals, a distinct type of human that vanished after modern humans - homo sapiens - appeared on the scene.

The researchers were able to obtain incredible precision in their dating of the bones, something that's unusual for this particular time period based on the fragmented evidence left behind.

Researchers stated they assume our species got here from Africa about 47,000 years in the past throughout a short warming interval.

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"If neanderthals would have created these tools and jewels "modern", it would mean that they had cognitive abilities more advanced than those previously recognized", explains Bailey.

The stone tools included flint, some of which was brought to the cave from 111 miles away, and shaped into pointed blades for hunting and butchering animals.

"The animal remains from the site illustrate a mix of cold and warm adapted species, with bison and red deer most frequent".

There are additionally a big quantity of bones from cave bears. The Homo sapiens' bones were excavated along with pendants, bone tools, animal bones, and a rich stone tool set near Dryanovo, Bulgaria.

Dr Pope said there was "no sudden disappearance" of Neanderthals in Europe. Humans originated in Europe.

While Neanderthals were probably smarter than popular accounts suggest, it now seems they didn't invent Bachokirian tools and ornaments on their own, said paleoanthropologist Richard Klein from Stanford University in California, who was not involved in the new research.

However, scientists say this very early foray into Europe was not permanent, and the Apidima Homo sapiens population was later replaced by Neanderthals.

To better comprehend a piece of this transition, the team focused on one of several places-Bacho Kiro-where discoveries of the earliest modern technologies, such as pendants and blades, have been made. "However, there are some similarities in the techniques of manufacture used by the sapiens in Bacho Kiro and neanderthals in other places, which makes it clear that there was a cultural transmission between the two groups", he insists.

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