Twitter introduces new labels and warnings to dispute fake COVID-19 tweets

Twitter introduces new labels and warnings to dispute fake COVID-19 tweets”

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to fuel the rise of conspiracy theories and fake news, Twitter will now warn users if a tweet they are viewing will contain health misinformation.

The move comes the same day a new survey by Gallup/Knight Foundation revealed that 68% of USA adults cited social media as one of the two most common sources of misinformation - along with 54% who identified Donald Trump's administration.

These include "misleading information" - statements or assertions that have been confirmed to be false or misleading by subject-matter experts, such as public health authorities.

It remains to be seen if Twitter will really tag tweets from President Donald Trump containing disputed or misleading information about COVID-19.

Twitter will post warnings for users, and in some cases hide content, for posts it deems to be misleading, false, or disputed regarding COVID-19, the Associated Press reported.

Twitter shared screenshots displaying that tweets containing coronavirus misinformation will be labeled with a link. Before you can view such a tweet, you'll have to click or tap through a warning noting that it "conflicts with guidance from public health experts regarding COVID-19".

Such content will be identified using internal systems which proactively monitor content, Twitter says. The new misinformation labels will look similar. Twitter considered Trump's remarks a wish for a treatment for COVID-19 rather than a literal call for people to inject disinfectant, said a company spokesman.

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The label will lead users to read to Twitter curation policy or other resources about the claims provided in the tweet.

In order to label the tweets, the platform will divide them into three broad categories based on the propensity for harm and type of misleading information. On Monday, the social media giant announced that it will start alerting users when a tweet makes disputed or misleading claims about the coronavirus.

Social media giant Facebook's third-party fact-checking partners, which include Reuters, rate and debunk viral content on the site with labels and last month YouTube said it would also start showing information panels with third-party, fact-checked articles for U.S. video search results.

At the moment, the platform is issuing yellow, orange and red labels for such tweets.

On April 19, Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube, announced that all content contradicting the Word Health Organization (WHO) on the coronavirus pandemic would be removed from the video streaming platform.

The company said much of this moderation will happen internally, but it's still working with "trusted partners".

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