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Cuomo says NY will begin "aggressive" antibody testing this week

Cuomo says NY will begin

State officials estimate that every one person sickened with coronavirus is infecting about.9 others, down from 1.4 others when NY saw a steep rise in hospitalizations, Cuomo said.

The masks will be required where social distancing is not possible, as well as on public transportation, like buses or subways, and while driving or riding in an Uber or Lyft auto.

"We think we are at the apex on the plateau", Cuomo said, though he cautioned that the decline, while part of a flattening trend over the past week or so, was statistically insignificant and warned against relaxing stay-at-home orders too quickly.

Prisons and nursing homes both need to increase COVID-19 testing within their facilities, but nursing homes are of particular concern, Cuomo said. Antibody testing will be able to determine the total number of people infected, he said. The state hopes to conduct more tests on health care workers in these facilities.

"If you don't do the testing and we reopen too quickly, that would be the most risky thing", Dowling said.

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"Tracing requires an army", Cuomo said.

As of Saturday, 236,732 New Yorkers have tested positive for the new coronavirus, according to the state's coronavirus tracker. Manufacturers who sell testing machines to private labs each have their own set of testing reagents that only work with their machines, he said. More than 11,500 people have died from coronavirus in the state.

He said the figure will be a true reflection of what his administration was dealing with. "I mean, how ludicrous would it be for the state to now cut funding from state governments?"

Schools and nonessential businesses will stay closed through May 15th.

"This is now all up to the governors", Cuomo said.

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