Nvidia Ampere A100 GPU Arrives to Power New Generation of Supercomputers

Nvidia Ampere A100 GPU Arrives to Power New Generation of Supercomputers”

"The data center is the new computing unit", Huang said, adding that NVIDIA is accelerating performance gains from silicon, to the ways CPUs and GPUs connect, to the full software stack, and, ultimately, across entire data centres.

KitGuru says: We know for sure now that Ampere is the name of Nvidia's next generation of GPUs, so who's excited about Nvidia's next-generation consumer graphics cards?

It includes 54 billion transistors and third-gen Tesla cores, which equates to more than double that of the 21 billion found in the Volta GV 100, and with that should come a performance boost of x20 over the same Volta GPU when it comes to single-precision AI (32-bit floating-point numbers) and AI inference (8-bit integer numbers).

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Ampere is the company's 7nm architecture for its compute units and GPUs, and while the company didn't give away a lot of details around the architecture itself, it did announce a bunch of enterprise products that use the Ampere architecture.

The A100 is the engine of the NVIDIA data center platform; and with A100 you can efficiently scale to thousands of GPUs thanks to new Multi-Instance GPU for Elastic GPU Computing (MIG)! DGX A100 further lowers TCO not only by offering the highest performance but also from improved infrastructure utilisation with the flexibility to handle multiple, parallel workloads by multiple users. Together, the eight A100 GPUs in the DGX A100 offer 320GB GPU memory and 12.4 TBps bandwidth. The new Blade is equipped with an Nvidia HGX-A100 base-board outfitted with four Nvidia A100 GPUs running alongside two AMD EPYC processors and up to four Mellanox InfiniBand ports connected via a Dragonfly+ configuration. Nvidia's focus is on combining A100 chips to create a stacked system based on artificial intelligence that will run its datacenters. "By implementing the HGX A100 platform into their new servers, Supermicro provides customers the powerful performance and massive scalability that enable researchers to train the most complex AI networks at unprecedented speed". Nvidia (with Microsoft) put ray tracing on the map, so we'd expect the ultra-competitive company to fight tooth and nail with its hardware.

As reported by MarketWatch, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang has confirmed in a media briefing prior to GTC 2020 that the chipmaker will use the latest Ampere microarchitecture for all of its next-generation graphics cards.

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