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Skinny-Shaming! Sharon Osbourne FIGHTS BACK For Adele vs. Haters

Skinny-Shaming! Sharon Osbourne FIGHTS BACK For Adele vs. Haters”

On a recent episode of The Talk, Sharon Osbourne discussed Adele's new slim down and alluded to overweight women being unhappy with themselves.

The TV personality, who was once 100 pounds (45.3 kilograms) overweight, was thrilled to see the "Hello" singer's svelte new look, which Adele unveiled on social media recently, and insists no woman is thrilled about being overweight.

"When really big women say they're really happy in their body, I don't believe them", Osbourne said.

A source told Heat magazine that Adele was still shocked when she looked at her body in the mirror and was trying to overcome the anxiety she felt with the increased attention. Sharon claimed that her body was "very, very large, quot;, but she did not feel good about herself when she went to bed alone".

In last week's Adele Post, paying tribute to the Grammy-winning health workers, she wrote in her caption: "I thank all of our first responders and the workers who needed to protect us from risking their lives!" "It was her time to shed weight, that's done in her trip as well as her life".

"She's absolutely awesome. I'm happy for her and everyone should be happy for her, because that's her choice. So, everyone should be happy for her". He added: "I feel like we had something in common", but he never mentioned it to him. "We never spoke about it, but there was this underlying connection we had, and I always felt like that".

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After Adele posted new birthday photos on Instagram last week, the post sparked a discussion over the singer's physical transformation. And I used to have the best time with guys, you know? Her weight loss over the past couple years is a huge accomplishment and speaks volumes to how much she cares for herself & her health.

Sharon also confessed that she was a "food addict" and her gastric bypass surgery did not help address the situation.

"She wanted to find a way to balance things better", a source told People.

Osbourne's comments echo those made by former Biggest Loser trainer Michelle Bridges who copped a massive backlash in 2016 when she said she had never "met someone who is morbidly obese and happy". "And then all the sudden you change or you evolve into something else, and people may have been betrayed".

Do you agree with Sharon's sentiments?

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