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Unnerving Video Shows Just How Easily an Infection Can Spread Through Contact

Unnerving Video Shows Just How Easily an Infection Can Spread Through Contact”

A frightening new video shows the speed at which coronavirus can spread in a restaurant or other enclosed space, according to multiple reports.

The experiment, created with the help of experts from Kawasaki's St. Marianna University School of Medicine, involved 10 people in a makeshift restaurant, set up with a buffet table. Each participant visits the buffet as they normally would. A fluorescent substance, which is only visible under black light, represents the germs of the virus.

Most surfaces were revealed to be covered in a layer of flourescent paint, indicating where the "cough droplets" from the infected individual had managed to be transferred, with the hands of many participants showing the same glow-in-the-dark residue!

Paint could be seen on the hands of all ten participants, including three who ended up with paint on their faces. By the end of 30 minutes, experiments turned off the light to trace the trajectory of the fluorescent paint during the course of the meal.

The same group conducted a second experiment where behaviors demonstrating proper hygiene were enforced, such as frequent hand and utensil washing, along with the separation of shared utensils, according to Forbes.

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There was a striking decrease of 97% in the spread of the substance in black light and no participant had the substance on their face.

"What the video demonstrated, is that it will spread to surfaces and to people very efficiently and I think it really highlights the need of what people have been saying about hand hygiene to stop the spread of disease", John Nicholls, a clinical professor in pathology at Hong Kong University explained to a media organization.

"So the general public gets some concept of the mechanism of how much the use of hand washing can actually reduce the transmission of potentially infectious material", Nicholls said.

The Centers for Disease Control says that hand washing with soap and clean, running water is still one of the most important ways to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

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