China protests support of U.S., others for Taiwan support at WHO

China protests support of U.S., others for Taiwan support at WHO”

In a speech to the World Health Assembly, Xi said China had provided all relevant outbreak data to WHO and other countries, including the virus' genetic sequence, "in a most timely fashion".

Xi used less combative language during his remarks at the closely watched summit on Monday, however, outlining a number of steps China would take to control the spread of Covid-19 and pledging $2 billion over two years to the WHO.

The assembly, held online for the first time in its history, is set to discuss a resolution tabled by the European Union that calls for an "impartial, independent and comprehensive evaluation" of the global response to the coronavirus crisis.

However, the USA said it refused to accept the wording in two clauses of the resolution referring to "sexual and reproductive health", or other language suggesting that access to abortion is included in providing health services as the United States "believes in legal protections for the unborn".

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres opened the event, saying several nations had ignored the WHO's recommendations. But the potential for an independent probe, even one not initially tasked with investigating an individual country's response, to turn up damning or embarrassing information is great.

The EU resolution proposes that an independent evaluation should be initiated "at the earliest appropriate moment" and should, among other issues, examine "the actions of World Health Organization and their timelines pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic".

Joe Biden, who is challenging Trump for the U.S. presidency in November also posted a message on Twitter.

That has caused growing alarm in Beijing, which says any formal declaration of independence by Taiwan would cross a red line.

Spokesman Zhao Lijian told reporters on Monday during a daily briefing that the vast majority of countries in the world believed the pandemic was not yet over.

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The next four years could be more challenging for Ms Tsai, 63, as the democratically ruled island finds itself at the centre of an increasingly fraught relationship between its giant neighbour China and the US.

"I suspect that it will receive similar treatment this time around, especially given the high levels of positive publicity that Taiwan has received in recent months due to its handling of COVID-19", he told AFP.

The 27 members of the European Union, along with Brazil, South Korea, Mexico, Turkey and New Zealand, are on board with Australia for an independent inquiry into the pandemic that has killed more than 315,000 people worldwide and infected more than 4.7 million.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel also urged global cooperation to defeat the pandemic.

The source said countries had not shied away from thorny topics, including a call for more World Health Organization reform after determining that its capacities "have proven insufficient to prevent a crisis of this magnitude". "So no country can solve this problem alone. We must work together".

Taiwan's diplomatic allies have tendered proposals backing its participation in the WHA, which might be discussed when the World Health Organization resumes its session later this year, tentatively scheduled for October or November, she added. "If this virus is teaching us anything, it's humility".

Xi's speech upholds the vision of building a global community of health for all and demonstrates China's sense of responsibility amid the crisis, according to the scholars.

Ross Darrell Feingold, a political risk analyst who has over 20 years' experience advising clients on political risk and doing business in Taiwan, said China will continue to repeat its actions of the past four years.

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