DePaul alum Quigley falls to Zach Lavine in NBA Horse Competition

DePaul alum Quigley falls to Zach Lavine in NBA Horse Competition”

The first round of HORSE was missing those types of shots (weird little tricks that would never be attempted in a real game), so seeing more of them this time around was good.

The player must first describe what shot he/she will attempt before shooting.

"As soon as they call your name to shoot a shot, I am like, 'Oh my God, my turn, and like, What are people going to expect me to do?'" stated Conley, the all-time leading marker for the Memphis Grizzlies, where he played prior to being traded to the Jazz in 2015. If the shot is missed it moves to the next player, but if the shot is made the opposing player must match it.

With tough rival Billups following imminent, Conley stated he is servicing some even more innovative shots, consisting of rotates and also a one-leg shot. Normally, both players would play on the same court but for safety, these players played on separate isolated home courts.

After the first round of the HORSE tournament on ESPN flopped a bit both from an entertainment perspective and from a numbers perspective, Zach LaVine and Mike Conley were able to put on a bit of a show in the finals on Thursday evening, as Conley claimed the title with a hard over-the-backboard shot to close out LaVine. From there, Conley and Lavine faced off in the Finals, with Conley taking the game easily.

"It's definitely tough mentally not to have the game right now, to have a sense of normalcy in anybody's day-to-day life", Conley told Reuters from his Columbus, Ohio home, where he has hunkered down since the coronavirus outbreak prompted the postponement of the National Basketball Association season last month.

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LaVine defeated Pierce and thee-time WNBA All-Star Quigley. A layup that doesn't touch the rim but instead hits of the glass and into the basket.

Conley expressed his joy about seeing LaVine.

Paul and Young were the favorite coming into the challenge but both lost in the first round.

Competing on an empty court, away from fans, competitors and the glamour of a professional arena, the two-night NBA HORSE challenge tournament, a single-elimination basketball shooting competition, is far from normal for Conley - but he'll take it.

Conley had advantages - he was at an indoor gym, the only remaining player who was. It might have factored into winning.

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