Gilbert Arenas Wins $300,000 From Playing the Lottery

Gilbert Arenas Wins $300,000 From Playing the Lottery”

Not only did Gilbert Arenas win the lottery, but the story behind how he did it makes things all the more incredible. He also neglected to explain how the owner at his favorite store had his phone number, allowing him to text the former National Basketball Association star about his winnings. He rushed out of his house. That's where he was approached by the man, who asked him for spare change.

That blessing, Arenas said, came from a homeless man he encountered that same day.

By the time Gilbert got to his usual gas station, the place was closed - and Gilbert thought he missed his chance to buy a ticket.

With little time to spare and only $10 in cash on him at the time, Arenas stopped at a gas station along the way. The two talked back-and-forth before the man told Arenas to "Keep the $10 and after you win, hook me up with $20". The man responded, "yes, I know ur gonna win". He woke up to a text message telling him he'd won $300,000, the second-place prize. That sparked a discussion that ate into the time Arenas had left to get to the gas station before the lottery deadline.

Unfortunately for both, Arenas did not make it to his favorite store in time and wasn't able to play his usual numbers. Arenas hit on the first five white balls of the May 12 Mega Millions drawing: 7, 16, 27, 44 and 52, making him the victor of $309,694.

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The "struggling man" refused the friendly gesture because $5 worth of gas wouldn't be sufficient enough to get Arenas to his gas station and back home. The man asked Arenas where he was going, and for some reason, Arenas lied and said a gas station that was farther away than the one he was actually going to.

On Monday, Arenas tracked down the homeless man at the Chevron station and told him the good news.

Arenas explained where he was going to the man and that he only had $10 but that he would give him half and use the other $5 for gas.

"I've given back to the homeless BUT never was blessed by one", his post read. "His good hearted jester of me making it back home blessed that ticket". 'I've heard this scammer type s*** happening so I ignored the next [because] I didn't get to play my numbers so I couldn't have won s***,' Arenas wrote.

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