Google Finally Has a Dark-mode For its Search App

Google Finally Has a Dark-mode For its Search App”

Given the company is best known for its search business, it is something of a surprise that the Google Search app has taken so long to gain a dark mode.

The feature is now rolling out, and if you have Android 10 or iOS 13 the app should automatically detect your theme preference and switch as needed. On Android 10 or on iOS 12/13 you can open the Google Search app and tap the three dot More tab at the bottom right corner of the screen. The light-on-dark-on feature has been a part of the google beta version for a few months now, but it's now being released widely.

By default, the app will follow the theme of your phone in general.

Dark mode can be found in Google products like Gmail, YouTube and Google Calendar, and also a bunch of popular apps like Slack and WhatsApp. Anyway, here's how to turn on the Google app's dark mode.

Dark Mode seems to be all the rage these days. That said it never hurts to have the option to change it between light and dark regardless of the system theme.

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In case you have received dark mode on your device then it will appear in your phone's default theme. The tech giant rolled out the Dark theme mode for Google Play Store in March this year.

Users whose devices run on android 10 and iOS13 will not need to take any action to enable the dark mode option. Like always it is set to System default and you can change it to Dark or Light.

Like many software developers, Google has slowly but surely been adding dark mode options to its apps and services.

One by one Google has implemented a dark mode across its different apps.

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