Microsoft Announces ‘World’s Fifth Most Powerful’ Supercomputer in Partnership With OpenAI

Microsoft Announces ‘World’s Fifth Most Powerful’ Supercomputer in Partnership With OpenAI”

With the launch of its supercomputer, Microsoft has made the competition tougher for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud that are also trying to grow their presence and bring newer cloud experiences for organisations seeking high-power computing performance.

If this beast is in the top five, that would mean - judging from the latest list of the world's most powerful publicly known supercomputers - it is somewhere between the 450,000-core 38-PFLOPS Frontera system at the University of Texas, and Uncle Sam's 2.4-million-core 200-PFLOPS Summit. Microsoft says the capabilities of the system allow it to process large amounts of data across many different areas, resulting in sophisticated models that go beyond traditional machine learning approaches focused on individual domains of knowledge.

"We are seeing that larger-scale systems are an important component in training more powerful models", OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said in Microsoft's announcement. In addition to this, the pair would also collaborate in the realms of semiconductors and AI.

Microsoft today announced that Azure Quantum, its partner-centric quantum computing platform for developers who want to get started with quantum computing, is now in limited preview.

Katsumoto added that Sony is relying on Microsoft's knowledge to overcome the issue of server congestion during the evenings and that the Japanese giant is now discussing this "technical point" with its American partner.

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The supercomputer has been built in collaboration and exclusively for the US-based OpenAI, who's machine learning (ML) efficiency has been getting more efficient by the day - double every 16 months, outpacing even Moore's law - according to a paper by Danny Hernandez and Tom Brown, which is yet to peer-reviewed. As part of the deal, OpenAI promised to make MICROS~1 its "preferred partner", if and when it decides to commercialize any of its machine-learning projects.

The Windows giant is particularly interested in natural language models that it believes will improve search, and generate and summarize text. Microsoft Azure has splendid cloud technologies and they have given us [clear] explanations so far.

Since past year we have been discussing this collaboration with Microsoft.

"The exciting thing about these models is the breadth of things they're going to enable", gushed Microsoft Chief Technical Officer Kevin Scott.

Other flashy AI announcements from Microsoft Build include updated versions of DeepSpeed and the ONNX Runtime.

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