Samsung: Samsung will support five new companies founded by their employees

Samsung: Samsung will support five new companies founded by their employees”

Samsung's in-house incubator C-Lab has produced a number of the extra fascinating units in latest reminiscence. And from 2015, the company also started supporting C-Lab projects that have good market potential and helped them in launching as startups under the C-Lab spin-off policy.

The first startup is Blockbuster, a video-editing application that enables content creators to easily apply computer graphics (CG) and 3D effects to videos with their smartphones.

Second is Hyler, it is a smart highlighter that allows analog text to be digitized and transferred to mobile devices. For instance, the app's extensive "search" mode provides word information from a range of search engines and dictionaries that are directly linked to the app.

As reported on The Verge, the SunnyFive (originally named Sunnyside) window produces a full spectrum of natural light, with the angle of the projected light changing throughout the day to create authentic sunrise, dawn, dusk and sunset scenarios.

The use of UV light that provides vitamin D could also help to improve the health of those stuck in indoors environments, either at home or in the workplace, and help people with seasonal affective disorder, or whose mood is affected by a lack of natural light. Can be integrated into wearable devices, smart cars and smart buildings. It provides startups with investment and business consulting.

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Samsung today said that it would support five startups: Blockbuster, Haxby, Hyler, RootSensor and SunnyFive.

The company or the C-Labs has not shared any further information about the artificial light windows, including its pricing or dates of availability. These companies have reportedly raised $45 million in funding over the years. In February Samsung selected Mangoslab's Nemonic Mini as a special giveaway item for customers who pre-ordered the Galaxy S20 in South Korea.

One of C-Lab's highest-profile companies is Swallaby.

Samsung's vice-president and head of the creativity and innovation centre at Samsung Electronics, Inkuk Hahn, said that the the incubator programme "illustrates Samsung's commitment to investing in employee-driven innovation".

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