This Wallpaper Can Crash Android Phones

This Wallpaper Can Crash Android Phones”

Only Android 11 phones are compatible with the color space of this photo.

This particular wallpaper in question shows what appears to be a lake, some trees, some mountains, and a attractive sunset. Should that be the case, malicious actors could crash your device by simply sending you an innocuous image. Until a solution is widely available, you should probably be careful about the images you use as wallpapers on Android.

When the image is saved as a wallpaper, it activates the bug and bricks the device.

The issue was flagged by leaker Ice Universe, who noted that a simple image could cause some Android phones to continually turn the display on and off if the image is set as a wallpaper. This ensures that by using the image as a wallpaper in your phone, you could end up losing all your personal data. Surely Google developers would have tested various Android versions and calibrated them to work across different colour levels. However, if we look at what specialists believe, it may be due to a pest in the Android system that will restricts the color space from the image evoking the crash. Some did it after all, and well, their phones crashed. The image does not appear to contain any apparent malicious payload that could otherwise cause an image parser to malfunction. The wallpaper seen below is apparently loaded with a bug that is capable of crashing most Android phones, including the Pixels.

The image that is causing the bug on phones | Courtesy Twitter user @IceUniverse
The image that is causing the bug on phones | Courtesy Twitter user @IceUniverse

The only way to stop this vicious circle seems to be to perform a factory reset of the device from bootloader.

Several Android users said their devices won't power on or function after the image was downloaded as a wallpaper, reported The Sun. The operating system can only process images in sRGB, that is to say the standard red, green, blue. Or, if you really need it as a wallpaper, then just edit it before setting it up. This tweet had thousands of re-tweets and likes, and many people reported that their phones had been affected too. Whenever he's not writing about gadgets he miserably fails to stay away from them, although he desperately tries.

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