Grim Chart Shows Atmospheric CO2 Just Hit A Record High

Grim Chart Shows Atmospheric CO2 Just Hit A Record High”

Though global carbon emissions plummeted in April 2020 (by 17 percent compared to 2019) due to wide-scale societal shutdowns meant to curb the spread of the new coronavirus, there was still a profound amount of CO2 being emitted into the air - just not as much as there would have been without a historic pandemic.

Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels reached a new record high based on a new report from scientists studying the trends. In the midst of such a health crisis, other factors threatening the existence of humanity were somewhat forgotten.

The record atmospheric Carbon dioxide levels come as the global coronavirus pandemic has triggered global economic shutdowns, but the resulting emissions drops and pollution declines were not enough to budge Carbon dioxide levels. Climate has changed dramatically over the past century, and if we don't act soon, it might be too late to save the planet.

The pandemic couldn't thwart the relentlessly rising carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere. When greenhouses gasses build up in the atmosphere they trap heat, gradually warming the planet. Although there are decreases in the amount of greenhouse gas detected in the atmosphere at some times, it is not hard to see that the level increases sharply over time when looking at the big picture.

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This has a number of effects on the planet. The increase in ocean temperature that caused the reef system to die and the big and powerful storms that occurred are just the beginning.

Put simply, we're really messing this up in a big way. "They do not depend on any models, but they help us verify climate model projections, which if anything, have underestimated the rapid pace of climate change being observed", Pieter Tans, a senior scientist with NOAA's Global Monitoring Division told the media, implying that even though the air quality has improved, the Climate change patterns continue to remain unhinged from its pre-COVID times' trajectory.

Carbon dioxide concentrations at Mauna Loa are documented in a graph known as the Keeling Curve, named for Charles Keeling, who began measurements there in 1958. Comparing readings taken at that point in time to those taken now produces alarming results.

"The rate of Carbon dioxide increase since the first Earth Day is unprecedented in the geologic record", Dan Breecker, a paleoclimatologist at The University of Texas at Austin, told Mashable a year ago. The fact that Carbon dioxide tends to hang in the atmosphere for a very long time compounds the problem. His love of reporting is second only to his gaming addiction.

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