SpaceX puts 60 new Starlink Internet satellites into orbit

SpaceX puts 60 new Starlink Internet satellites into orbit”

SpaceX has made a decision to launch its next mission of Starlink internet satellites into the orbit tonight after about two weeks of weather delays and also after achieving the historic astronaut flight launch.

Astronomers have complained that SpaceX's satellite's become particularly bright during sunrise and sunset, thus ruining efforts to capture long-exposure photographs. However, it needs around 400 satellites in orbit to start the service in selected parts of the globe. With the launch, SpaceX continued its efforts to recover more of the rocket, as the company deployed its two boats that are created to catch falling payload fairings, the GO Ms. Tree and GO Ms.

SpaceX will also be attempting to recover the two fairing halves that form the protective nose cone used during launch at the top of the rocket to protect the payload being carried by the Falcon 9.

"Successful deployment of 60 Starlink satellites confirmed", SpaceX tweeted late on Wednesday. This brings the total number of Starlink satellites orbiting Earth up to 482, with SpaceX deploying two Starlink satellites as trial after it was cleared for the project by the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

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No human passengers were included in the launch, only the big batch of Starlink broadband internet satellites, as part of a network meant to eventually serve to provide high-bandwidth internet connectivity for some underserved areas. SpaceX has sent into orbit 480 satellites so far.

They became the first Americans to launch on an American rocket from American soil to the space station in almost a decade.

SpaceX has effectively launched and handled a similar Falcon 9 sponsor multiple times unexpectedly while all the while appearing an overhauled drone transport some time ago positioned on the West Coast.

SpaceX plans to add deployable visors to all future Starlink satellites after launching around 500 with their current design, Patricia Cooper, SpaceX's vice president of satellite government relations, said during a webinar last week.

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