Astronomers might've found a planet just like Earth orbiting its own Sun

Astronomers might've found a planet just like Earth orbiting its own Sun”

Located at a distance of a little more than 3100 light years from us yellow dwarf Kepler-160 has a mass of 0.9 solar masses, a radius of 1.1 of its radius, and the luminosity is nearly the same as that of the Sun. All things combined, the habitability of planets around red dwarf stars is heavily debated in the scientific community.

Small variations in the time it takes Kepler-160c to go around the star seem to indicate that there could be a third planet located in the Kepler solar system.

More research is being done, with the aim of it being given planet status. "The planetary signal is so faint that it's nearly entirely hidden in the noise of the data". Thus, KOI-456.04 surprisingly close to our familiar world, and in itself, and the characteristics of its star.

"We conclude that Kepler-160 has at least three planets, one of which is the non-transiting planet Kepler-160 d".

Another reason is that KOI-456.04 has an orbital period of 378 days, a little longer than our planet.

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While some of the properties of Kepler-160 and KOI 456.04 make them similar to the Sun and Earth, the overall system is actually quite different. Light from Kepler-160 is visible light very much like sunlight.

Now, researchers scouring the skies for new worlds have spotted what looks a lot like our own Sun being orbited by a planet a lot like Earth.

This implies nearly certainly, KOI-456.04 gets a comparative measure of light as Earth - 93 percent comparable, as indicated by the specialists. On the off chance that the planetary nature is affirmed, however, it'll show that the conditions required for an Earth-like planet aren't exactly as uncommon as you might suspect. "In the event that KOI-456.04 has a generally idle air with a gentle Earth-like nursery impact, at that point its surface temperature would be +5 degrees Celsius by and large, which is around ten degrees lower than the Earth's mean worldwide temperature".

"KOI-456.01 is relatively large compared to many other planets that are considered potentially habitable". It meets those requirements, and it's rocky and somehow similar to Earth.

The scientists warned that they still require more data to confirm that their discovery is indeed a planet and not some "statistical fluke or a systematic measurement error". "Obtaining a official planetary position needs 99 %". However, in a new article published in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics, Rene Heller and colleagues report on two candidates, the presence of which are indicative of deviations in the movement of the known planets. If PLATO will be oriented in such a way as to re-observe the field of view of the Kepler primary mission, then KOI-456.04 will have a chance of being confirmed and studied in even more detail with PLATO.

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