Full moon to light up the night sky on Fourth of July

Full moon to light up the night sky on Fourth of July”

The next penumbral lunar eclipse will take place on November 29, 2020.

Will this Lunar Eclipse be visible in India? According to, the Lunar Eclipse will be visible in South and West Europe, much of Africa, South America, Pacific countries, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean and Antarctica. The Lunar Eclipse that will occur in July will be Penumbral Lunar Eclipse which when the Moon passes through Earth's penumbra which causes a subtle dimming of the lunar surface.

There will be a lunar eclipse on July 5, but this eclipse is not going to be seen in India.

Independence Day - the holiday on July 4, not the observance on July 3 - will come to a close just as the Full Buck Moon reaches its peak.

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The first contact with the penumbra will be at 8.30 am and the maximum impact of the eclipse would be at 9.59 am. The penumbral lunar eclipse is also taken as the regular full moon sometimes as the shadow falling on the moon's surface is obscure, the moon appears to be in full shape. During a total lunar eclipse, the Earth, the Sun and the Moon are in ideal alignment which causes the umbra to completely cover the Moon. For this eclipse, only a small portion of the moon will cross into the penumbra, making it harder to see.

This cosmic event is of three kinds: total, partial, and penumbral.

What is the Buck Moon?

The traditional Full Moon is called Buck Moon, as new antlers emerge from bucks' foreheads around this time of the year. The last contact with the penumbra would be at 11.21 am. American and European farming communities have often named moons. Some also associate this event as a "Thunder moon" or "Hay moon" because of the number of thunderstorms which happen during this phase.

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