Ukraine Hostages Released After President Agrees To Promote Joaquin Phoenix Movie

Ukraine Hostages Released After President Agrees To Promote Joaquin Phoenix Movie”

I want to watch it now. The siege began at 06:00 GMT on Tuesday. The Ukrainian National Police later said that their specialists had managed to defuse the grenade and that it did not explode.

Natalia Delgyado, a Kiev-based Facebook user, wondered "whether Zelensky would have fulfilled the terrorist's demands if he had demanded public sex with a pig like in the plot of the Black Mirror episode". President Zelensky had stressed his most important aim throughout the ordeal was to ensure there was no loss of life.

"There were unclear demands and it was hard to understand why it was happening".

The man had originally been holding about 20 hostages but released three shortly before the police moved in. He, therefore, agreed to speak with Kryvosh on the phone.

A near 12-hour standoff in Ukraine between an armed man and the police came to an end when the country's president agreed to comply with the gunman's demand that he publicly endorse a Joaquin Phoenix documentary in order to free hostages.

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Yes, yes, you read that right.

Phoenix is a well-known animal rights activist too, and the actor used his Oscar acceptance speech for Joker to highlight animal rights issue. This the president did via the presidency's Facebook page in a short video, although that video was subsequently deleted once again after the hostages had been released.

"The negotiations lasted for about 9 hours, everyone talked to him, from psychologists to special negotiators, but he wanted just one thing, his demands to be met, and kept threatening (the people)", Zelensky said in a video released by his press office late Tuesday. Everything happened nearly like that. "In 30-40 minutes he released all hostages".

Interior minister Avakov described him as 'unstable. It isn't clear that whether the explosive device was ever found. However, to protected in a single movement, unencumber the hostages, Zelenskiy stated he spoke to Kryvosh for seven to 10 mins, and agreed to one in every of his claims, the promotion of the documentary "earthlings". Arakov has said that Kryvosh faces a lengthy term in jail.

All that said, in a way, we can say that cinema saved lives and that alone requires a rewatch of Earthlings.

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