Valorant: Riot unveils Killjoy, the new Agent with a passion for robots

Valorant: Riot unveils Killjoy, the new Agent with a passion for robots”

Riot Games' tactical shooter VALORANT is about to welcome an all-new agent to their game.

The Act II agent was accidentally leaked by Riot through a post on its official website, which was then shared on Reddit. If you want to control the map or pressure opponents to move into a particular choke point, there's also a Turret ability that will fire in a 180-degree arc. Once it finds one, it chases after them and explodes, applying a Vulnerable status and making them easier to take down. Capable of deploying robotic turrets, alarm bots and traps, she's basically every rusher's worst nightmare.

Turret (Q) - Sometimes it's good to plant some roots. Hold equip to recall the deployed turret. Together with my turret, I will hold a place fairly well myself while others cover the angles that I cannot.

OK check this out. Throw the grenade. If it lands, it seems silent. The Nanoswarm is a grenade that does lethal damage using nano bots.

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Finally, Killjoy's Ultimate is a tactical Lockdown that, after a certain period, "detains" enemies caught in its area of effect. Do keep in mind that enemies can destroy this device. While this ability doesn't deal hefty amounts of damage on its own, it can be complemented with Alarmbot for a bigger impact. She also has Nanostorm, which activates a storm of nanobots that greatly slow down a targeted enemy. Her Turret and Alarmbot both look like they have personalities too, which may indicate that Killjoy prefers the company of her machines over that of people.

Signature Ability (E) ⁠- Nanoswarm: Equip a Nanoswarm grenade. Riot confirmed that the Lockdown device can be destroyed by the opposing team, though.

Alarmbot can be pretty useful at entry spots or usual camping corners as it leaves enemies with little to no room for falling back.

VALORANT introduced its newest agent on Wednesday with the unveiling of tech genius Killjoy.

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