Greenland lost a record 586 billion tons of ice in 2019

Greenland lost a record 586 billion tons of ice in 2019”

The two years preceding 2019's record ice melt saw on average about 108 billion tons (98 billion metric tons) of ice loss. And though the ice sheet has been increasingly melting considering the fact that the 1990s, according to the report, various disorders led to the record soften in 2019.

With 532 billion tons, total mass loss of the Greenland Ice Sheet was higher than in the previous record year 2012 (464 billion tons), corresponding to a global mean sea level rise of 1.5 mm.

"It is devastating that 2019 was another record year of ice loss", commented Dr Twila Moon, a research scientist at the University of Colorado at Boulder, who was not involved in the study. It slightly surpasses the previous record of 511 billion tons in 2012.

The pace of the melt and of the sea level rising is expected to worsen. A new study unveils that the melt was massive enough to cover California in more than 1.25 meters of water. The study has been published in the Nature Communications Earth & Environment.

Another new study published in the same journal found that even if the climate crisis stopped today, Greenland's ice sheet is so diminished it will never recover, as EcoWatch reported earlier this week. In the past up to the year 2000, these sheets acquired the same amount of new ice equal to what melted from it.

Losing Greenland's ice sheets will have repercussions for the entire world.

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The study also showed that there were many years in the 20th century when Greenland actually gained ice.

The records of Greenland's ice melt date back to 1948 and nothing in that record compares to what happened in 2019.

Ingo Sasgen from the Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research and colleagues analysed data from the two satellite missions from 2003 to 2019. The five years with the biggest losses all have occurred in the past decade.

Mottram and many other exterior experts reported Sasgen's calculations make perception.

Mottram and her fellow researchers looked at nearly 30 years of scientific data on the melting of the Greenland ice sheet. In contrast, in the years 2017 and 2018, the cooler wind from the Arctic had entered into Greenland causing less melting. The computer modeling of regional climate helped reveal weather effects, such as lingering high atmospheric pressure and resulting warm air. The other, smaller glaciated regions in the Arctic, such as Alaska and Arctic Canada, experienced extreme summer melt as well that year, with a loss of ice unprecedented since the start of the satellite measurements. Both are critical to a complete picture of changes over decades. The finding, published August 13 in Nature Communications Earth and Environment, means that Greenland's glaciers are now is in a state of persistent imbalance, where the snowfall that replenishes the ice sheet each year can not keep up with the ice that is flowing into the ocean from glaciers. GRACE and GRACE-FO are mission partnerships between NASA and the German Aerospace Center, and NASA and the German Research Centre for Geosciences, respectively.

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