Asteroid over 22 meters in diameter to pass by Earth on Tuesday

Asteroid over 22 meters in diameter to pass by Earth on Tuesday”

However, no harm is expected to Earth on their approach.

NASA had said that similarly sized asteroids pass by Earth at a similar distance a few times per year, however, they are hard to record, unless they head directly towards the planet, in which case the explosion in the atmosphere is usually noticed.

The "potentially hazardous asteroid" called "2011 ES4" will be at a distance of 1.2 lakh kms from Earth at its closest.

An asteroid is set to zoom past Earth tomorrow and it will come at a distance much closer than the Moon! The closest any known asteroid is going to get to the Earth will be over a decade later in 2032. "2011 ES4's close approach is "close" on an astronomical scale but poses no danger of actually hitting Earth", NASA Asteroid Watch posted Saturday on its Twitter account.

While the U.S. space agency assured its Twitter followers over the weekend that there's probably nothing to worry about, for perspective the Moon is 384,400 km away, so it will be quite a close call indeed - astronomically speaking - especially given the risk posed by an object which is estimated to be travelling at a speed of 8.16 km per second.

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NASA estimates the asteroid's relative speed at around 8.16 km per second.

The last time asteroid 2011 ES4 flew by Earth, it was visible from ground for four days, according to the Weather Channel.

At its closest approach, the asteroid will be 1.2 lakh km away. There is no chance of 2020 QG5 getting in an impact trajectory even if its orbit is altered by the gravitational pull of other planets.

A few days ago, on November 2, a day before the United States presidential election, the Asteroid 2018 VP1 was feared to hit the earth. Actually, this auto shaped asteroid is so small that as it enters the atmosphere, it will break and burn and become dust on the earth.

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