Scientists Detect First "Intermediate Mass" Black Hole

Scientists Detect First

From 7 billion light-years away, a set of clashing black holes has actually provided up, on a glossy gravitational wave plate, among the most in-demand detections in great void astronomy - the incredibly elusive "middleweight" great void, which depends on between stellar-mass great voids and supermassive leviathans.

Not only, however, did the two colliding black holes combine to form this intermediate-mass black hole, but one of them was another black hole unicorn - falling squarely in what's called the "upper mass gap", in between stellar-mass black holes and intermediates, where no black holes have ever been detected in the Milky Way.

It wasn't spotted by the usual algorithms that scan for binary mergers (which typically last several times longer), but was picked up by a separate pipeline that looks for "things that go bang", says Nelson Christensen, a physicist at the Cote d'Azur Observatory in Nice and a member of the LIGO-Virgo team.

GW190521 was detected on May 21, 2019 by three interferometers, which can measure a change thousands of times smaller than an atomic nucleus as gravitational waves pass Earth. The two initial black holes, around 85 and 66 solar masses, collided to form a black hole around 142 times as massive as our Sun.

Study co-author Juan Calderón Bustillo writes: "This is the first time we've observed an intermediate-mass black hole, nearly twice as heavy as any other black hole ever observed with gravitational-waves".

"Right from the beginning, this signal, which is only a tenth of a second long, challenged us in identifying its origin", said Alessandra Buonanno, a College Park professor at UMD and an LSC principal investigator.

It also represents the first glimpse at "intermediate-mass" black holes.

However, the collisions observed in the past involved black holes of smaller sizes and the resultant black hole didn't grow beyond the size of typical stellar black holes.

A team of global astronomers has caught the merger of two black holes of unprecedented masses creating yet another massive black hole - one that astronomers believed existed in theory but that had never been detected. "It was very hard to interpret", says team member Alessandra Buonanno, director of the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute).

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Since they don't emit or reflect any radiation we can detect, we usually don't even know they're there, unless they're actively devouring material - a process that emits a great deal of radiation from just outside the black hole. Which makes the newly discovered signal, GW 190521, the first conclusive direct observation of an intermediate mass black hole. They're just a mystery on a mystery - because there don't seem to be a lot of them out there.

"They are the million solar-mass elephants in the room".

But that 85-solar-mass black hole is also a wonder. Do they grow from stellar-mass black holes, which are born when a star collapses, or are they born via an undiscovered means? "The system we've discovered is so ironic that it breaks many previous assumptions about how a black hole is formed". "Does [nature] have a certain preference of making only a few black holes in these different masses?" This is because, based on our current knowledge, the gravitational collapse of a star can not form black holes in the approximate range of 60 to 120 solar masses, since the most massive stars are completely blown apart by the supernova explosion that accompanies the collapse, leaving only gas and dust behind them. GW 190521's 85-solar-mass black hole is the first black hole confidently detected in this mass gap. This is a personal milestone after an in-depth search for black hole hunting.

It presents another puzzle.

This said, it's important that there are some doubts about whether this signal came from a binary black-hole merger at all.

Of course, it's impossible to tell at this stage - when gravitational wave astronomy is still only in its infancy - whether the event itself was an outlier.

"The mass of the larger black hole in the pair puts it into the range where it's unexpected from regular astrophysics processes", said Professor Peter Shawhan, a scientist at the University of Maryland.

"This detection confirms that there is a vast universe that has remained invisible to us", said Karan Jani, an astrophysicist with the Nobel-winning LIGO gravitational wave experiment. Archana Pai from IIT-Bombay, one of the leading scientists involved in the discovery published in the Physical Review Letters and the Astrophysical Journal Letters on Wednesday.

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