Sore Muscles After Activity: What It Means and Relief


Strenuous physical activities such as running or lifting weights put a lot of strain on your muscles. This in turn causes muscle soreness. It is a problem that affects everyone including those who work out frequently. Muscle soreness causes immense discomfort. However, it only lasts a few days. In this piece, we will talk about how you can deal with muscle soreness.

Causes of muscles soreness

When you engage in any physical activity, your muscles and contract and expand in support of the movement. Such prolonged movements eventually overexert your main muscle and you develop muscle soreness. This problem does not come from ordinary physical activities. It can occur when you;


  • Engage in a higher intensity workout routine

  • Exercise longer 

  • Exercise more often

  • Start a new exercise routine

Muscle soreness sets in a few hours after the strenuous activity. Therefore, it is also referred to as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Regardless of your fitness, you are likely to experience DOMS at some point in your life. Experts have yet to establish the exact cause of this problem. However, most of them associate it with microscopic muscle tears, which develop as you work out. It is said that the soreness comes from the muscle healing or recovery process. Muscle soreness is not caused by a lactic buildup in your muscles.


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How long can DOMS last?

Muscle soreness starts between the first 12-24 hours after working out and it tends to reach its peak between 24-72 hours after the physical activity. The pain will then begin to subside. Nonetheless, this condition can disrupt your daily routine. When it is severe, you can barely do anything. If you feel a sharp pain a few hours after exercising, then you could be suffering from a muscle injury and it is best to have a doctor look at it. Muscle soreness does not cause extreme pain.

Relieving muscle soreness

There are several things that you can do to relieve muscle soreness. You don’t need to visit the doctor’s office unless the symptoms persist. To avoid making the condition worse, refrain from straining an already sore muscle. Others remedies that you can try include:


If you are suffering from muscle soreness, a sports massage therapist with the right credentials can help you. Massages boost the blood circulation within your muscles and aid healing. 

Heat therapy

Heat pads or a warm bath comes in handy when dealing with muscle soreness. Heat increases blood flow to the affected muscles, and this helps in recovery. However, relief is somewhat temporary.

Light exercises

Engaging in light exercises is another excellent way to relieve DOMS. These exercises keep the muscles active and this provides the much-needed relief.


Muscle soreness can be unbearable. Lying down for days and waiting for your muscles to heal might make it worse. If you are experiencing DOMS, try out the tips we have listed above to manage it.


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