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More contagious coronavirus strain now dominates Study

More contagious coronavirus strain now dominates Study”

Nearly all coronavirus strains in the second wave have what scientists termed a Gly614 variant in the spike protein, which is the projections on the surface of the coronavirus that gives it that crown-like appearance. Mutations take place when a virus replicates and, after infecting more than 30 million people, coronavirus has had plenty of opportunities to mutate.

The researchers found that COVID-19 infections from the second wave contained the Gly614 amino acid replacement in spike protein. Their finding also revealed that the increased RDW count was also more significantly associated with mortality in younger Coronavirus patients.

Believe it or noy, but worldwide, researchers have sequenced over 112,000 isolates of the COVID-19 virus. These spikes are what allow the virus to attach to human cells.

The D614G strain of coronavirus is characterized by portions of the viral genome that code for modifications to the spike protein. The new study found patients displaying an elevated RDW at time of admission were 2.7 times more likely to die from COVID-19. The mutation did not make the virus more unsafe or change the outcome or course of the disease.

When Houston was gripped by a severe Covid-19 wave in June, a mutated form of coronavirus that developed elsewhere in the world and which is known to be especially contagious grew to eventually dominate the city's infected patients, according to a study released Wednesday that could raise new questions about how quickly the virus evolved as it spread around the world.

This Indian company made a big announcement about the Corona vaccine
This Indian company made a big announcement about the Corona vaccine

The study also noted that in some regions there were many mutations, possibly hinting that the virus is changing its order to counter the body's immune system.

The findings also pointed out the strong possibility that the virus, which moved through the population, became more transmissible, and this "may have implications for our ability to control it", said David Morens, a virologist at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

But they found little evidence mutations in the virus have made it deadlier, noting that severity of COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus, was more strongly linked to patients' underlying medical conditions and genetics. While pointing out that this is just a single study, "you don't want to over-interpret what this means".

However, he stated that the virus could be responding potentially through random mutations to interventions such as social distancing and wearing of masks.

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