Greenland Ice Loss Accelerates

Greenland Ice Loss Accelerates”

There have been several studies of recent ice loss that line up with the research.

Over the last two decades, Greenland's ice sheet has melted at a rate of roughly 6,100 billion tons per century, a rate approached only during a warm period that occurred between 7,000 and 10,000 years ago.

However, projected mass losses for the rest of this century are expected to exceed those maximum rates, they added.

Dr. Jason Briner from the University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences and study author said: "Basically, we've altered our planet so much that the rates of ice sheet melt this century are on pace to be greater than anything we've seen under natural variability of the ice sheet over the past 12,000 years".

The main single, constant record of Greenland's ice sheet misfortune took five years to gather and required the joined endeavors of ice core researchers, climate modelers, distant detecting specialists and palaeoclimate analysts. " If we don't achieve a severe cut in emissions of GHG will be totally disproportionate".

Sharp says it's important to focus on the "fundamental point", which is that a significant amount of warming and sea level rise over the next century can be expected.

"Our results suggest that yes, this century we will experience ice-loss rates not just similar to those in the past but exceeding those of the past, even under strict carbon emissions scenarios", Professor Briner said.

"But more worrisome is that under a high-emissions RCP8.5 scenario - the one the Greenland ice sheet is now following - the rate of mass loss could be about four times the highest values experienced under natural climate variability over the past 12,000 years".

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To develop an accurate model, the researchers brought together experts from different fields: geologists, remote sensing specialists, and even paleoclimatic researchers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). "Regardless of future Carbon dioxide emissions, the Greenland ice cap will lose more ice this century than during the hottest periods of the past 12,000 years".

Briner's team tested the accuracy of its model by comparing results of the simulations to historical evidence. Their model data is also consistent with fieldwork that was done to identify ancient ice sheet boundaries, a direct observational method for assessing ice mass loss.

"You can model whatever you want and your model will always give you an answer, but you also need some way to determine if you are correct", says Nicolás Young, professor of geology at Columbia University.

Greenland ice sheet is now about 660,000 square miles which covers 80% of the total surface on the island.

The researchers based their analysis on past records of the ice sheet's movements and by analyzing the chemical composition of boulders that sit on former edges of glaciers or ice sheets, which are known as moraines.

The findings likewise follow a study last month that discovered in 2015's melting in Greenland was most likely to have actually been the worst for centuries. Snowfall can no longer compensate for the loss of ice in the Arctic territory.

The melting of the Greenland ice sheet will cause, in the 21st century, an increase in sea level not seen for 12,000 years.

"We can still influence the rate at which Greenland melts and thus the rate that sea level rises". "Especially for Americans with more resources, who have a larger energy footprint and who can afford to make lifestyle changes, such as flying less, installing solar panels and driving a fuel efficient vehicle".

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