Six galaxies trapped in cosmic web could explain supermassive black hole growth

Six galaxies trapped in cosmic web could explain supermassive black hole growth”

The new observations with ESO's VLT ( revealed several galaxies surrounding a supermassive black hole, all lying in a cosmic "spider's web" of gas extending to over 300 times the size of the Milky Way. So it is such that it is being looked back about one billion years. Using a batch of powerful telescopes, and after a decade's worth of astronomical observations, an global team of scientists has confirmed the presence of multiple primordial galaxies caught under the influence of an unusually large and bright supermassive black hole, the light from which took 12.9 billion years to reach Earth.

Astronomers staring out to the farthest reaches of the universe, and hence the deepest depths of time, have been puzzled to find supermassive black holes. They know these cosmic goliaths would have needed to grow extremely fast to achieve their supermassive status so quickly (within about 1 billion years of the Big Bang). The light from this large web-like structure has traveled to us from a time when the Universe was only 900 million years old.

Alternatively, a supermassive black hole seed could come from a giant star, about 100 times the sun's mass, that ultimately forms into a black hole after it runs out of fuel and collapses. Galaxy may be more nowMarco Mignoli, author of a study published in Astronomy and Astrophysics, said that these celestial threads are like spider webs.

Assuming this study is accurate, we still need to figure out how this web of gaseous filaments formed.

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Scientists said the web structure may have shaped with the assistance of dark matter. Astronomers believe the filaments trapping the cluster of galaxies are carrying enough gas to feed the black hole, enabling it to grow.

In the constellation Leo, astronomers have discovered an extremely dense, unusual cluster of 6 galaxies that captures the gravity of a giant black hole located in the middle of a star cluster.

The researchers postulate that the filament "web" may have formed with the assistance of enigmatic dark matter, which is theorized to have drawn large volumes of gas together during the earliest ages of the universe. It supports the theory that black holes can grow rapidly within large, web-like structures which contain plenty of gas to fuel them. He also says how the absence of earlier detections of such structures was likely due to observational limitations. It's most likely got something to do with dark matter.

Colin Norman of Johns Hopkins University in the USA, also a co-author on the study, said: "Our finding lends support to the idea that the most distant and massive black holes form and grow within massive dark matter halos in large-scale structures, and that the absence of earlier detections of such structures was likely due to observational limitations". At Paranal, ESO operates the Very Large Telescope and its world-leading Very Large Telescope Interferometer as well as two survey telescopes, VISTA working in the infrared and the visible-light VLT Survey Telescope. Co-author Barbara Balmward has stated that these galaxies are the brightest around this supermassive black hole (SBH).

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