Asteroid Alert - 2020 SX3 to Fly By Earth on Thursday

Asteroid Alert - 2020 SX3 to Fly By Earth on Thursday”

The space research organization is now tracking a space rock called 2020 RK2, which is an asteroid that is now on the trajectory to come into a collision with the orbit of the Earth on Wednesday, October 7.

An asteroid that is bigger than a Boeing-747 is going collide with the orbit of the Earth next week, the Center for Near-Earth Objects of NASA stated. Going by the size, the space rock can be bigger than the wingspan of a Boeing-747 8 series airplane that is 68.5m wide.

This asteroid is around 80 metres wide and is travelling at a speed of 6.68 kilometres per second which is equal to 14,942 miles per hour and is estimated to range from 36 metres to 81 metre in diameter, which is nearly a width of 118-256 foot.

The asteroid's name is 2020 RK2, and it will pass by our planet today, October 7. This asteroid is classified as "Apollo Asteroid" and NASA astrologers had first discovered space rocks last month.

As indicated by a report on NASA's JPL site, in the past Asteroid, 2020 SW flew by near-Earth on Sept 24.

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NASA's Sentry System already monitors such threats. By Thursday, 2020 SX3 will approach Earth at a distance of around 1.7 million km (1.05 million miles), or four times the distance between our planet and the Moon.

"On an average of every several hundred thousand years or so, asteroids larger than a kilometre could cause global disasters".

There are many space rocks in the Milky Way, and some rocks revolve around the sun.

"I suspect this newly discovered object 2020 SO to be an old rocket booster because it is following an orbit about the Sun that is extremely similar to Earth's, almost circular, in the same plane, and only slightly farther away [from] the Sun at its farthest point..." But, they are beginning to suspect the object might not be an asteroid floating in space, but instead, manmade space junk from the 1960s. No two asteroids are alike.

The asteroid will travel a very long way in order to come so close to us, as it started its cosmic journey from more than 2.53 million light-years away.

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