Mars will shine brighter than it has since 2003 this week

Mars will shine brighter than it has since 2003 this week”

On Tuesday night, the planet will be at the brightest we've seen it in October in 32 years. More precisely, we're talking about a man and a woman, and the next destination is Mars if everything goes well.

Two planets, Mars and Earth, will pass each other tonight closer than they will until September of 2035.

The day we'll be the absolute closest to Mars is the 6 October, so get a move on.

This year's close approach to Mars coincides with resistance, a particularly rare event. Watch the video below, which presents the forecast cloud conditions across the country. "Mars will become fainter as Mars and Earth travel farther away from each other in their orbits around the Sun".

Although Mars is expected to reach Earth at the same distance in 2022, NASA experts say it is not clear due to the elliptical orbits and gravitational pull on both planets.

Mars close to Earth in 2003. Tuesday, October 13th is the time to enjoy the opposition.

Right around Mars Opposition, the two planets come close to one another. Two years ago, 2018 was pretty close too, with just 57.6 million kilometres (35.8 million miles) between us.

All of these factors mean that not all close encounters are equal.

The event will last 10 days, peaking on October 13 when Mars fully aligns. Two full Moons, Mars at the opposition and finding the Andromeda galaxy.

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"The Red Planet is at its brightest in the sky, so don't miss it", the agency said. Sure, the view won't be as spectacular as the 'Super Hi-Vision' cameras coming to Mars soon, but at least it'll be free.

Typically, this message targets August 27, but the hoaxers always revive their story by just changing the date.

Don't worry if you can't take time to gaze at Mars on Tuesday night, however.

The Mars is said to be in opposition, when the red planet lines up with the Sun, with Earth in the middle. That's roughly 142 times farther away than the Moon. The Red Planet is pretty much the only planet from the solar system except for Earth that is capable of hosting any life forms. Mars and Moon Come Together for Splendid Show! And because of this alignment, Mars will be reflecting the Sun's rays back to Earth at full capacity for this very brief period.

Some of the newest additions to this hoax try to add a measure of "doomsday" to the meme.

This is the closest it'll be for the next 15 years. But that is all nonsense.

The next time Mars and the Earth will be as close as it is this year will be in 2035 - around the time NASA hopes to send astronauts to the Red Planet.

"Many Mars missions have taken advantage of the close distance to visit the red planet", NASA said.

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