Some planets may have more suitable conditions for life than Earth

Some planets may have more suitable conditions for life than Earth”

More importantly, their research begs the deeper question on exactly what is the optimal temperature for life on this planet.

There are thousands, if not millions of exoplanets in the Universe.

If we thought that Earth is just the flawless planet for human beings to thrive, then we might be wrong as scientists have discovered two-dozen planets that are habitable and perhaps support suitable conditions for the thriving of life forms. These planets are older, a little larger, slightly warmer and potentially wetter than our own. They may also orbit stars with longer lifespans than the sun, the researchers found.

Among the 24 top planet candidates none of them meet all the criteria for superhabitable planets, but one has four of the critical characteristics, making it possibly much more comfortable for life than our home planet. These include ESA's PLATO, NASA's James Webb telescope as well as the LUVIOR space observatory.

However, Schulze-Makuch said this study will help future telescopes set targets easily.

"We have to focus on certain planets that have the most promising conditions for complex life". Schulze-Makuch stated that the focus should be on planets with the most favorable conditions for complex / developed life, while the studies should not be limited to planets with conditions similar to Earth, and that there may be more habitable planets than Earth.

Cooled Schulze-Makuch, professor at the WSU and at the Technical University of Berlin.

But after looking through data on 4,500 known exoplanets, researchers still found at least half a dozen planets that could be candidates for being superhabitable. "It is good to have adaptable life, but that doesn't mean that we have the best of everything", he concluded.

The team settled on planet-star systems with likely terrestrial planets orbiting with the host star's liquid water habitable zone from the Kepler Object of Interest Exoplanet Archive of transiting exoplanets.

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It is worth recalling that the sun can exist for about 10 billion years. In other words, our Sun is less than 10 billion years old. K dwarf stars on the other hand are less massive and less luminous but also have longer lifespans of 20 to 70 billion years and it might give orbiting planets a better chance to establish life say the team.

However, K stars have some advantages over the star that shines on us.

These stars have a lifespan of between 20bn and 70bn years - unlike our sun, which has less than 10bn years. This provides the planets orbiting these suns the time to develop complexity similar to life now found on Earth. They should not be too old with used up geothermal heat and without protective geomagnetic fields.

Also, planets should not be so old to be habitable, so they should lie between 5 to 8 billion years old.

From the KOI 5715.01 planet now offered as a superplanet, we only know the approximate size and mass and age of the planet's parent star, from which the age of the planet can also be deduced.

The best, scientists say, would be a planet ten percent larger than Earth.

In addition, if a world was 5° C (8° F) warmer than the Earth and had more water, it would enjoy the biodiversity of a rainforest over much of the planet.

Ha, who actually thinks we have the best planet?

Water is considered vital for life and the scientists argue that generous amounts of it in the form of humidity, moisture and clouds, would be of great significance.

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