The best and worst new levels added in Fall Guys Season 2

The best and worst new levels added in Fall Guys Season 2”

Banners & Nameplates: Mix and match customizable banners and nameplates to compliment your Fall Guy's attire!

Much like Door Dash, this level is made substantially easier when in the front. And it's headlined by four new mini games.

The season brings about the previously discussed content with medieval costumes and four new levels; Mediatonic notes that even more levels for players to contest each other for victories are on the way; when they will be released for play is now unknown.

Egg Siege - An evolution of Egg Scramble, things are about to get even more chaotic as war is declared. Also, there is bounty to anticipate this week with respect to the Fall Guys Season 2 release date. Lastly, Hoopsie Legends takes the team-based Hoopsie Round and makes it a solo affair (with a bunch of moveable blocks).

Fall Guys' Season 2 update comes with a new show selector option that allows players to pick between different types of shows.

Wall Guys - Work together first, and engage in betrayal later.

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With the second season offering 4 new maps (arguably one of the greatest catalysts for the increased population) and more in development, it doesn't seem sustainable for Mediatonic to continue to release maps at a speed that that will recharge the popularity of the title.

A fresh new Featured store schedule for the duration of the season!

The Show Selector will curate a selected roster of shows, including certain extra special limited-time events.

As one of the surprise hits of 2020, Fall Guys (available on PC and PS4) presents a charm filled blend of It's a Knockout and Takeshi's Castle. Rather than dropping into a level at random, Mediatonic is testing specific playlists like "Gauntlet Showdown", which delivers "only gauntlets, all the time".

Fall Guys season 2 will also ensure your favorite rounds from before are not entirely gone.

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