How to make Mars shine brighter during Tuesday night protests

How to make Mars shine brighter during Tuesday night protests”

When Mars and the Sun merge with Earth in the middle, the Red Planet is known to oppose it.

All three bodies will be in a straight line at roughly 11.30pm.

The nearly frontal illumination by sunlight will make its reddish colour much better seen from both hemispheres with or without the aid of a telescope.

"It's been pretty easy to see for about a month because it's approaching the opposition and rising earlier, so rising from sunset and then you can see it and it's rising pretty high in the sky, so it's really easy to see", said Banyard. Mars reaches opposition only once every 26 months, when Earth manages to overtake the red planet in its tighter track around the Sun. As the night goes on, Mars - which will be bright orange - will move from east to west across the sky basically following the same path the sun makes during the day.

In the dark you find it The distinctive color of Mars cl It looks at the eastern sky to increase at night. Since the Sun and Mars are in opposite directions of Earth, the phenomenon is called an opposition.

Although Mars is the closest to Earth around the opposition, it was Tuesday last week that the two planets actually made their closest approach in this cycle.

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Despite cloudy weather forecast for parts of the UK, Mars should be visible among any breaks and even through lighter cloud, Ms Banyard added.

Here, Mars will shine like a bright red disc and will be easily visible without telescopes. That time, Mars was 34 million miles away, which was the closest it's been in 60,000 years (and the closest it'll be until 2287).

"Now we're getting really close to Mars, the apparent size has tripled nearly [in the telescope]" said Demeter, who directs Seminole State College's planetarium.

Closer approach may be over, but the planet is still bright at night, so get out and pick up a canter or tune in to the live feed of the virtual telescope program from your computer's convenience. You can enjoy the fiery planet by keeping your eye on it. Astronomers say Mars should be hard to miss especially if you're looking for it the next few nights.

Nasa has outlined its four-step plan (pictured) that will hopefully one day allow people to visit Mars at the Humans to Mars Summit held in Washington DC yesterday.

The red planet reached its closest point to Earth on October 6, at a mere 62 million kilometres, relatively close when you think that the planet can be as far away as 400 million kilometres. The auto is on its way to the planet in February 2021.

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