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Dutch woman dies after coronavirus reinfection, case report says

Dutch woman dies after coronavirus reinfection, case report says”

The 89-year-old had a compromised immune system due to the cell-depleting therapy she was receiving for a rare kind of bone marrow cancer, but researchers say the treatment doesn't "necessarily result in life-threatening disease" and the "innate immune response" can be enough to eliminate the virus, per Fox News. Her condition deteriorated on day eight. They compared Danish health registry data from over 473,000 people who were tested for Covid-19 to a control group of more than 2.2 million from the general population.

The woman was not tested between infections, so researchers have no confirmed negative tests.

They found the genetic makeup of the two viruses to be distinct after analyzing the samples from both cases.

The man, who was a resident of Washoe County, had to be hospitalised when he was reinfected with the disease. Five days later he was hospitalized with shortness of breath and given oxygen before testing positive for Covid-19 once more.

"Similar to observations with the reinfection case in Ecuador, our patient showed increased symptom severity in their second infection, whereas the cases from Belgium and the Netherlands and Hong Kong did not show a difference in severity of symptoms", they explained.

Experts believed that since the second infection was less severe there appeared to be some "immunological memory".

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According to CNBC, "Scientists said the patient caught the coronavirus on two separate occasions, rather than the original infection bouncing back after becoming dormant".

"As more cases of reinfection surface, the scientific community will have the opportunity to understand better the correlates of protection and how frequently natural infections with SARS-CoV-2 induce that level of immunity", Iwasaka said. "All individuals, whether previously diagnosed with COVID-19 or not, should take identical precautions to avoid infection with SARS-CoV-2".

"The implications of reinfections could be relevant for vaccine development and application".

In the U.S., a 25-year-old from Reno (Nevada) reportedly contracted the virus in April after showing mild symptoms, then got sick again in late May with a more serious bout.

According to a report by the Telegraph, researchers have so far confirmed 23 cases of Covid-19 reinfection, but in every case until this one, the patient has made a full recovery.

He became re-infected 4.5 months after contracting the virus initially, and showing showed no symptoms the second time round.

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