PS5 Remote Play Support Added to PS Remote Play Apps

PS5 Remote Play Support Added to PS Remote Play Apps”

The new PS4 patch has also broken friends lists for many users, rendering it unusable.

Whenever Sony has popped a new update into the PS4, it has been done to make the system more s-s-s-s-s-stable.

Now you can start a Party Chat or send a message to the group you've previously chatted with across PS4, as well as PS5 when it launches. The move immediately sparked outrage on social media from owners of the console.

While Sony has always moderated messages, it appears with the new 8.00 update they will now allow players to record Party Chats to report wrongdoings to them for safety purposes. The update also removes Event Creation and Private Community Creation, meaning you won't be able to create or access Events. The large software revision sparked backlash shortly after going live on October 14.

In the short-term, friends lists aren't working - they'll try to load but an error message eventually pops up instead.

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With today's big PS4 firmware update, mass reports of issues from gamers are coming in about PS4 8.00 update error issues such as annoying bugs and slow downs for users who have updated their consoles.

To speak a bit more about the parental controls, Sony is now combining the "Communicating with Other Players" and "Viewing Content Created by other Players" into one setting - "Communication and User Generated Content" - and this will cover both areas of communication and user-generated content sharing. "Hot garbage. Give us back our features". Now called PS Remote Play, the option to connect your phone to the upcoming PS5 will be added.

Despite the backlash from some players, not everyone was angry about the update.

There are other quality of life features being added with version 8.00, including the ability to mute all microphones in the Quick Menu, an enhanced 2-step verification system that will support third-party authenticator apps, and simplified and more flexible Parental Controls.

I assume some of these changes are in preparation for the PS5 and Sony wants to streamline or unify things as much as it can, but the removal of features - especially the party chat stuff - is baffling.

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