Hudson County election office offers extended hours on three days

Hudson County election office offers extended hours on three days”

Democrats have said they're more likely to vote by mail while Republicans say they're more likely to vote in person.

For voters who have not received their ballot, they may request a new ballot by visiting the County Clerk's Office and filling out an affidavit.

That's double the proportion of registered Republicans.

Georgia saw an increase of more than 40 percent from 2016, with 128,590 votes cast on Monday, the first day of early voting, according to BuzzFeed News.

Four years ago, only 41,491 Alaskans requested absentee ballots before Election Day.

Sampson County will have five one-stop locations running for 17 days, and then on Election Day there will be 23 precincts that must be manned. Voters who wish to change party affiliation or who have changed name or address must have done so by the registration deadline.

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For more information on election services, visit the office at 257 Cornelison Ave. Locations of the dropboxes and satellite offices can be found on

Those who choose to drop their ballot in a dropbox should know that they still need to put the ballot in the secrecy envelope inside the outer envelope for their votes to count, she said.

ProPublica, in partnership with The Guardian, is today releasing a tracker for mail-in ballots in battleground states.

Rejection of ballots over signatures poses "a grave risk of disenfranchisement on an arbitrary and wholly subjective basis", Boockvar's court filing said.

Nearly 1,000 absentee ballots are sitting in a locked bin somewhere in the Guilford County Board of Elections waiting to be processed. Don't get rid of any parts of it. Keep the envelopes and the ballot, go with you as you normally do on Election Day to your polling place. I've not cast it.

When they were finished, voters held up the folded ballot to the voting officer to show it was the same ballot they were given, ripped off the attached stub, placed the ballot in a box and the stub in a paper bag before leaving through the designated exit.

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