Microsoft Extends Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller Warranty to 12 Months

Microsoft Extends Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller Warranty to 12 Months”

Profile themes allow players to customise their Xbox profile pages with massive wallpapers.

Xbox One has received Microsoft's new Xbox UI that will be present in the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S at launch.

The New Xbox Experience is a completely overhauled user interface that aims to make the consoles feel new and fresh while also being much faster and less clunky than previous UIs. Although the dynamic themes and for the main menu are reserved for the new generation, we can now edit and give the color and the motifs that we want to our small user corner.

Also within the update is a Netflix-like sign-in system where you can easily toggle between different profiles that are affiliated with your console.

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You might have seen some of the new design notes before, as the Xbox Game Store had already been updated to introduce the softer edges and chunkier text.

Finally, the update brings support for four new languages, adding Hungarian, Greek, Slovak and Czech. Microsoft says the home screen loads 50% faster at boot, 30% faster at game exit, and requires 40% less memory on the Series X, but whether owners of older consoles like the One S should expect a performance boost or not. We're downloading it right now.

So, there will be a lot of consistency for Xbox Series X|S purchasers, and Microsoft can now iron out any kinks in the system that users highlight between now and early November.

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