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The risk of exposure to coronavirus on a passenger plane

The risk of exposure to coronavirus on a passenger plane”

Blood type, the researchers found, stood out as a potential key difference between the two groups.

The researchers in the first study said their findings "demonstrate that blood group O is significantly associated with reduced susceptibility to SARS-CoV-2 infection", though noted that their study did have several limitations, including the fact that "ABO blood group information was only available for 62% of all tested individuals, and only doctors and nurses were identified as health care personnel".

A total of 38 patients had blood types A or AB, and 57 had blood types O or B.

The new studies about blood type and coronavirus risk align with prior research on the topic. The findings indicate why the coronavirus is lethal for some and not so for the others.

That's lower than the prevalence of Type O in a population of 2.2 million Danish people, 41.7 percent, so the researchers determined that people with Type O blood had disproportionately avoided infection.

A preprint study published in March this year suggested that people with blood type A have a higher risk of acquiring Covid-19 compared with non-A blood groups, while another study published in June found that blood type O seemed to be more resistant against Covid-19 infection.

But it does not mean that any single blood type is more protective or more risky regarding COVID-19, and the evidence may indeed raise more questions than answers.

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Blood donation organisation Australian Red Cross says that 40 per cent of the Australian population has O blood type making it the most common group.

The researchers observed that patients with these blood types are more likely to be put on mechanical ventilation.

This is according to two recently published studies.

This may also signal a greater Covid-19 severity level, said the Canadian team.

Patients receive treatment in an intensive care unit of the Central Clinical Hospital "RZD-Medicine", which delivers medical aid to people infected with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Moscow, Russia, May 18, 2020. An April study, too, (though it has yet to be peer-reviewed) found that among 1,559 coronavirus patients in New York City, a lower proportion than would be expected had Type O blood.

These patients also had an increased risk of organ dysfunction or failure due to Covid-19.

Despite this growing body of evidence, however, Mypinder Sekhon, a co-author of the Vancouver study, said the link is still tenuous. "If one is blood group A, you don't need to start panicking". The only data obtained is that people with the first blood group ("O") are less likely to get infected, and those who do get sick have a milder illness.

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